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Louis Vuitton handbags cleaning tips

Louis Vuitton handbags cleaning tips The life of a fashionista is certainly forward-thinking and vibrant. Each new addition to a personal collection is chosen to speak with the body and soul of the person. Every self-respecting trendsetter has the staples that stand as a testimony to authenticity and great workmanship. There are lots of notable …

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7 tips how to declutter your house!

7 tips how to declutter your house! Everyone knows that feeling when the whole house is overwhelmed with (by) various things, and it’s better to burn down all the mess and start over. You want to get rid of clutter somehow magically. Or if you are less dreamy, simply change the apartment. Believe me, you’re …

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Konmari closet

The guide to organizing a Konmari closet ( Hanging, folding and storing  clothes  the Marie Kondo way) By now you have your Keep-It pile of clothes. Below’s how to place your clothing back in the drawers in your  storage room! This article would be useful for people, who are thinking HOW TO CLEAN A MESSY HOUSE …