how to clean a memory foam mattress topper

How to clean a memory foam mattress topper properly

And here we are. You’ve been so excited to purchase a new memory foam mattress topper, And you’ve been extremely satisfied. Sleeping on such a mattress is a pleasure. You wake up, feeling you want to fly, during the night you have the sweetest dreams, Right?! But wait, accidentally you’ve spilled a glass of orange juice on it… and what should you do? I bet you’re wondering how to clean a memory foam mattress topper fast and make sure it doesn’t deformate, or even worse, the memory foam doesn’t get destroyed. Yes, believe me, I’ve been there. When I had to clean my topper for the first time, I was so nervous. For this reason. I’m writing this article now. Make yourself comfortable, Read this post carefully and without a doubt, you will find some easy ways how to clean foam mattress topper by the end of t

how to clean a memory foam mattress topper
how to clean a memory foam mattress topper

his article.

The preparation stage is where you have bought, and gather all the things and liquids you will need during the cleaning process.

So, here’s what you will need:

+ The first, and, in my opinion, the most important, find a place where you will do all the cleaning and then drying. It can be either in your living room or if the weather is warm, on your backyard

+ Few freshly washed towels. If you don’t want to use towels, because for some reason they are valuable for you, you can take some old pieces of clothes, cut them into squares … and throw them away, after performing the cleaning.

+ Buy a good garment cleaning detergent/liquid-should be light and non-abrasive, on order not to damage the surface of the topper

+ Get ourself a spray container to spray around  the cleaning  detergent and also to do some spot cleaning

+ White distilled Vinegar ( I love using it, I find it being the most effective)

+ Prepare a handheld vacuum cleaner ( like a Dyson) or complete dimension vacuum cleaner with a tube accessory. We need this one to ensure that you can relocate the hose on the mattress topper.

+ Use a  dryer ( the ones you use for clothes)  or a tiny, portable fan.

How to clean memory foam?

Now let’s discuss the circumstances of cleaning/ From my experience there could be 2 types of cleaning situations. Let’s look at both of them carefully.

  1. You would like to keep your foam mattress topper look like new for a long period of time, and you decide to perform routine cleanings.
  2. Another case, when there has been a serious spill of some sort of liquid or there is a nasty stain you want to get rid of your topper.

    Below I’ll give my solutions to both of these situations, one by one.

These are easy to follow steps on how to clean memory foam mattress topper when you have to clean only parts of it ( not the whole topper at a time)

how to clean a memory foam mattress topper
how to clean a memory foam mattress topper

1. The first step is to use a Vacuum cleaner
Obviously, the primary step is to take the topper from the mattress and put in in free space in the living room or even a backyard can be a great option. Our goal is to spread it and give it a good vacuum cleaning. We do this in order to get rid of all the dust and small debris that might be there.

2.Problem Zones cleaning step
Now, our aim is to get rid of all the nasty stains, that might have accrued on the topper due to everyday usage. To do the job, you can use borax or family pet stain remover to get rid of trouble issues.

3. Details on applying the cleaning liquid
After you have vacuumed the topper, cleaned it properly it is time for a cleaning liquid/. Remember, that you shouldn’t just pour the cleaning solution directly on the stain. Instead, you have 2 options. The first is to take a clean, white cloth, put some cleaner on it, and gently rub the liquid on the stain. Another option is to get a spray bottle, fill it with cleaner and gently spry it all over the stain. This will aid you to prevent the seepage of cleaning agents to the internal parts of the mattress topper. Leave it for about twenty five minutes. Friendly reminder: don’t use a low-quality detergent or clothing washing liquid to ensure that the mattress topper will not shed its appearance and functions.

4. Washing off the detergent
Once you’ve let the cleaning detergent soak for at least 25 minutes, It’s time to clean wash it off. I recommend to grab a clean spray bottle, fill it with water and prepare a clean piece of cloth. The whole process is basicly spraying the water on the problem area, and rinsing it with gentle moves and a clean towel or a cloth.  It will get rid of all the soapy layer or cleaning agent from it. Once you’ve rinsed all the cleaning detergent dab the surface with an absorptive fabric.

Now it’s time to work on the reverse side of the mattress and also tidy the bottom of the mattress topper, to do this  use  exact same procedure as you did for the first one.

5.  When the cleaning work is done it is time to dry the

Don’t forget to be extremely gentle with the topper, to do this task properly I recommend using a soft piece of cloth to wipe extra water that may be left on the topper.

6.Put the memory foam mattress topper on the balcony or leave it on your backyard

how to clean a memory foam mattress topper
how to clean a memory foam mattress topper

The memory foam mattresses are extremely gentle, and we want them to stay in good condition as long as possible. So remember, a good ventilated space after the mattress cleaning is your best friend. Fresh air makes the whole procedure much faster. On top of that,  you can use a small fan, it will certainly promote the drying procedure. BUT! I will always repeat to keep a good distance between the hot air and the foam surface. It is essential when it comes to this material. I’m pretty sure, that buying a new topper is not in your plans.

Now, let’s discuss what to do if you need to work on the entire topper:

Imagine, that you have accidentally splashed some sort of colored fluid or juice or anything that has left a stain on the memory foam cushion topper, yes these things happen…unfortunately. you will require to clean it completely. For this objective, you can follow the very same steps as explained for surface area cleaning and these are, Vacuum cleaning and removal of dust as well as particles, Area cleaning, Applying the cleaning agent, etc. Afterward, follow up with the next steps as offered here:

How to clean mattress pad?

Deepwater cleaning

As I said previously, the best place for cleaning the mattress topper is a backyard or a balcony. The main reason for that, the place where the cleaning is done has to be well ventilated and spacious. It will fasten the whole process of cleaning and drying. You can wash the mattress topper while maintaining it on a clean and also smooth surface area. Yo have to make sure to clean the whole surface of the mattress ( don’t miss any spots, you don’t want to leave any stains ) Clean it completely with cold water, and also see if all cleaning agent is gotten rid of.

How to clean foam? Working on the drying the mattress
Usually, mattress toppers are quite big. So to get rid of all the extra water.  I usually roll it , and press it… it looks like squeezing. But don’t be too hard on the mattress.  Remember, that foam is very gentle.

Wait until the topper dries completely after cleaning memory foam
Leave the topper to completely dry under the shade with sufficient air blowing over it. You can also make use of a clothes drying device or use a portable blow-dry to fasten the whole process.

Useful life hacks to help you out in cleaning memory foam topper in a better means: ( this also works for “ how to wash mattress cover” question) :

how to clean a memory foam mattress topper
how to clean a memory foam mattress topper

Below you can find some of my tips, do the cleaning job well and make sure to keep the mattress topper safe and avoid any kind of deformation.

+ Hydrogen peroxide is very effective in cleaning memory foam, however, it can be extremely damaging to the mattress topper. You see, memory foam is a delicate material, so avoid using Hydrogen peroxide straight on the surface of a memory foam topper as it deformities the texture of the foam as well as the shade of the popper
+ If you’re using a fan, make sure to keep the distance between the blow-dry and the surface of the topper. As hot air can have a horrible impact on the
+ For the same reason as with using the blow dry, I do not recommend drying the memory foam topper under the bright sunshine. The best place is in the shade. Or, if you’re performing the cleaning in your backyard, you can leave the topper under gentle afternoon light ( after 4 pm).
+ Another nasty trouble, I’m pretty sure, you want to avoid is mold. Always make sure, that the mattress topper is completely dry before putting it back in your bedroom. Even the smallest amount of water can start the process of mold growth.
+ Do not use warm water to clean the memory foam. It can destroy the memory foam very quickly.

These were my lifehacks in cleaning the memory foam mattress topper. I hope you will find any of these helpful. I wish all your wonderful mattresses will stay neat and clean for ages..Fell free to share any of your tips on cleaning the memory foam. I’d be interested to read them and discuss.