how to clean mold out of fridge

How to clean mold out of fridge

Today’s topic would be extremely helpful for people who have noticed mold in their fridge though this issue is not as widespread as for instance moldy food yet it’s really nasty. If you’re wondering how to clean mold out of fridge, I can say that this problem might look a little complicated, especially when you face it for the first time ever. Read these easy to follow instructions to get rid of mold in the refrigerator and prevent it from growing again.

how to clean mold out of fridge
mold inside refrigerator

We need to start off with preparing an organic,all-natural, cleaning liquid using vinegar.  This is my favorite recipe and I use it very often in cleaning purposes recipe is fairly easy, you need to mix white vinegar and baking soda. Here vinegar is the substance that kills mold in fridge while baking soda is responsible for deodorizing surfaces. But be careful, when you mix these two together they make an extensive chemical reaction. I would recommend starting with small portions in order to protect yourself from the possibility of cleaning the extra liquid from your kitchen floor.  We are here to deal with mold in refrigerators, not to waste time wiping extra vinegar. So, pay attention to proportions.

Now your task is to prepare two bottles. fill the first spray bottle with white vinegar,  eventually, we will use it as the primer. The second bottle filled with water and baking soda will be used when it’s time for scrubbing. Speaking about the content of the second bottle, you would need around 0.25 tbsp of soda mixed with 0.25 bottle of water.

Let’s move to preparation make sure your fridge is empty there enough food and cosmetics we are about to start a massive attack on mold inside refrigerator so it’s the perfect timing to organize the content of your refrigerator as well once you’ve taken everything out immediately throw away food that contains mold and items that have been close to moldy products. Empty all bottles and make sure to check the expiration date of all food.

A little decluttering tip: I always organize food in my refrigerator so that items which are about to expire, are the closest to the door, and take the most visible place in the fridge.

How to clean mold from fridge: Get Rid Of all Removable Racks and Cabinets

Get any type of detachable racks, drawers, and containers from your fridge. Veggie, as well as meat drawers, will usually glide right out, while racks might need a little placing to release. Not all parts of a refrigerator are removable, so examine their hinging to establish.

Black mold in refrigerator : Clean Detachable Parts

Be certain to put on gloves prior to cleaning up so you do not get any kind of mold and mildew on your hands! Spray the components with vinegar and scrub with both soapy water and the cooking soda option.

Mold can be persistent and you might need extra time for more intensive scrubbing up. If mold has actually not been removed after the initial cleansing, spray the area with vinegar and give it some time to work for at least 10 minutes.

Cleaning mold from fridge

how to clean mold out of fridge

Using the vinegar spray, cover your fridge’s interior. Make certain you get proper cleaning of the wall surfaces, shelves, underside, as well as the ceiling. Don’t forget that vinegar has to be sprayed along the gasket, or outer ring of the fridge. Let the vinegar work for at least 10 minutes.

When the vinegar has actually had a few minutes to soak, scrub the interior using the baking soda liquid and a washcloth. Give any type of mold and mildew spots an intensive scrub yet beware not to scratch the product. The sodium bicarbonate solution will match the vinegar’s cleaning properties while also counteracting the smell of both the vinegar and mold.

Dry and also Return All Components and also Food

Clean your refrigerator with a completely dry towel to dry it thoroughly. Mold and mildew thrive in moist places, so you wouldn’t want to give it one more place to spread. Once your refrigerator is totally dried as well as free from any odors, you can return your products.

Don’t forget to dry separated parts before returning them to the refrigerator. After reattaching them, go ahead and re-fill your fridge with its original contents. As we described above, arrange your food so that those items which are about to expire, are the closest to the door, and take the most visible place in the fridge.

Baking soda and mold inside refrigerator?

how to clean mold out of fridge
mold inside refrigerator

After your refrigerator has actually been totally cleansed, you’ll want to place an open box of baking soda inside. As formerly mentioned, soda is a natural deodorizer, and also assists to eliminate any kind of nasty odors present in your refrigerator!

These were my small lifehacks to make sure your refrigerator stays mold-free.  Remember, getting rid of mold is essential when we’re talking about your health.  So, please, invest an extra hour to keep the place, where you store your food neat and clean.