how to clean ac drain line

How to clean ac drain line? Useful tips on how to clean it in no time using vinegar.

Every homeowner knows that it is essential to deal with a clogged condensate drain line in your air conditioner as soon as it appears, otherwise, it can cause lots of troubles. In most cases, this issue is easily resolved by calling a/c repair specialists.  However, this trouble is easily prevented if you are familiar with some easy-to-follow tips, that help you to give good care to your  A/C. In this article I’ll give you some DIY HVAC maintenance rools, that will save you a good amount of money.

Let’s start!

 First of all, let’s set a goal: How to clean ac drain line.

What do we need: Vinegar

So, follow these easy tips to fix your clogged condensate drain line.

First of all I want to remind you, why are we doing this at all. You have to remember, that besides a smooth operation of your air conditioner a regular cleaning of a condensate drainpipe helps you to get rid of all the microorganisms such as fungi, mildew and mold that can grow in you’re A/C( by the way, these can be the ac drain line clogged symptoms ) . These are not just smelly substunces, they can have a horrible effect of your health. So, keep in mind, that by doing these easy manipulations you make a great investment in the lealth of your beloved family members.  And, it costs so little, few dollars for ¼ cup of vinegar. So cheap and yet so effective.

Here it is. An easy to follow step-by-step instruction on how to clean clogged ac drain pipe and make your air conditioner work as a brand new one.

– Make sure your air conditioner is unplugged. You can go further, and turn off the electricity in the part of the house you’re about to use to fix clogged drain line

-This step is really important. I’ll attach a picture below, make sure you have a careful look at it. Your task is to find a clogged drain line of your A/C. Where is it? You can see it being attached to the wall of your house and connected to the exterior of your  A/C unit, it is a PVC pipeline  .

how to clean ac drain line
how to clean ac drain line

– Next step is to have a close look at the drain pipe. Your task is to Identify the access on the drain line.  Usually, you will see a T-shaped air vent tee with a cover or a small-cap. You have to gently eliminate the cap, after this check the condensate drainpipe for obstruction.

– Now it’s time to flush the drainpipe of your a/c using distilled vinegar. So, firstly open a small cap on the pipeline we were talking about previously and carefully pour  1/4 mug of distilled vinegar to the drainpipe line, try not to spill anything.  As the level of vinegar acidity boosts its cleansing qualities, I prefer using an ordinary white vinegar you can easily find at Walmart. If for any reason you don’t want to use vinegar ( some of my friends find its smell really hard to stand), I can recommend you considering peroxide as an option to do the job instead of vinegar. However, I’m a dedicated user of vinegar and find it work the best in cleaning condensate drainpipe.

– Now you can go and have a cup of coffee, and let the vinegar stir in the drainpipe for at least 30 minutes. After you let it soak for a proper amount of time,  Flush the pipe out with water, at this point look carefully if the pipe is clean and everything moves smooth and easy inside the drainpipe. If you spot that there is still clogging, repeat this step again, until the pipe is perfectly clean. See, there is no need for an ac drain line installation.

-This is the final step, yet I think it’s the most important. I recommend you repeat the cleaning at least once a month. It will help you to prevent any unpleasant fungi or mold from growing in you’re a/c. As a bonus, your air conditioner will work nice and smooth for ages.

What causes ac drain line clogged?

If we have a closer look at the condensate drainpipe, we can see that its construction and particular features form a perfect place and conditions for growing, potentially harmful for humans, microorganisms in it. During its working time, the condensate drainpipe accumulates dust, tiniest pieces of plants and other particles. All these things combined with the humid atmosphere in the drainpipe become a perfect place fo moil and mildew to start growing, and when the amount of mold becomes critical it will start spreading around through the air conditioner. As well as that, all those nasty things can create a blockage that will cause your HVAC to overheat, and increase chances of the breakdown.

Another trouble you can face if your ac drain clogged is this.  If the condensate drainpipe pan becomes filled up, it can happen that all the extra liquid overflows and at some point will definitely cause leakage in your house. And this is a serious problem. Depending on the heaviness of water damages you might face expensive home fixing. On top of that moldy smell, huge issues in the central air conditioning system in your house will become another headache.

What Does My Air Conditioning Condensate Drainpipe Line Do?  How to unclog ac drain pipe?

To sum up , the condensate drainpipe of your HVAC is essential when it comes to efficiency of the whole air conditioning system of the house. Ultimately, your condensate line is accountable for eliminating the condensation that’s generated by the evaporator coil, draining it from the air handler to the outside of your home.

I know how all these tips might sound hard and not worth doing, but believe me. It takes only one time to get your mind in this. Yes, when you will be doing this for the first time you might spend some extra time. But, starting from the second time, you will perform all these manipulations with your eyes closed. I strongly recommend thinking of it as an investment in your heals as well as your beloved ones.

Simply pouring a 1/4 cup of white vinegar directly in the condensate drainpipe of your air conditioner, without a doubt will be of great help in terms of preventing any mold and mildew, fungi and other microorganisms from growing and spreading in your house. And the last, but not the least will protect you’re a/c  from any blockages and help it work on the top of its productivity.  I hope I could convince you, that taking a proper care of the a/c drainpipe will save you lots of time and money.