Louis Vuitton handbags cleaning tips

The life of a fashionista is certainly forward-thinking and vibrant. Each new addition to a personal collection is chosen to speak with the body and soul of the person. Every self-respecting trendsetter has the staples that stand as a testimony to authenticity and great workmanship. There are lots of notable designers with numerous remarkable products, but you can’t deny the perfection of a Louis Vuitton bag. Throughout the years, Louis Vuitton has established itself as the pinnacle of elegant class. Georges Vuitton was a master trunk maker and revolutionizer of baggage locks. He became famous due to his extraordinary vision. That vision has developed posthumously into the Louis Vuitton brand.


So if you want to be a jewel of designer’s name, you have to represent social grace as well as confidence. But with world power comes huge responsibility. In order to be committed to a label, you should understand how to upkeep the top quality and shape of your bags. We want you to know how to clean Louis Vuitton bag and thus keep your investment in safe.

The main reason why you should understand the value of the cleanliness and care is craftsmanship. A Louis bag requires a status of elegance. Therefore if you respect the craftsmanship you should adhere to the proper standard of quality and know about the appropriate care and cleaning tips of your bag.

Maybe you already knew the amazing history of the Louis Vuitton brand, however it’s constantly good to be properly educated on looking after your purchase. There’s no sense in buying a Louis bag if it’ll never see the light of day. Unreasonable worry over possible damages should never be the argument your stunning accessory does not adorn your shoulder. Instead, follow our suggestions for cleaning and taking care of your LV bags:


You know a rule when you open a bottle of wine, should wait a little bit, because wine needs to breathe in order to reach its full potential. Actually it makes sense. The surrounding air warms up the wine and thus softens the taste and saturates the aroma. This process is called aerating. Similar to wine, your Louis bag requires the air to thrive. But instead of aerating your bag to taste, leave it to rest so it can resume its natural form.

  • When you’re ready to allow your Louis rest, think about the proper treatment and also storage methods. The best choice is actually the felt pouch that came with your bag throughout purchase. It was made to protect your item. If you have lost it, use a pillowcase, but not plastic case. Keep your bag away from heat, water, humidity, or oil.
  • Don’t forget to change your pieces of collection to prolong their life expectancy. Though it might feel strange to move away your item every couple of months, you’ll keep in safe your beloved bag for future celebrations.



Louis Vuitton lives for leather. Vuitton handbags unite the best materials with exquisite craftsmanship. It’s no wonder that numerous owners are worried over how to clean their Louis Vuitton bag. Relax. We have some ideas for dealing with your LV natural leather:

  • It is necessary to understand the kind of leather your bag is made of. If your bag is made of cowhide or calfskin, do not use cheap cleaners on your bag’s leather. Commercial cleansers are too harsh and can damage your bag. Gently swab your bag with a moist, soft towel. If you rub it too hard, you can compromize the structural integrity of your bag.



The Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas escapes from the tradition of natural leather to stand for a unique expression of social elegance. Each Monogram Canvas bag is enriched with a well-dressed pattern that exudes the LV criterion of class.

  • In order to keep in safe your beloved bag, avoid pigmented materials. Too much exposure to color-saturated materials can cause pigment transfer, which can completely damage your Louis bag. If your bag does encounter any kind of water, oil, or pigment transfer, use a moist towel with a little soapy water. Keep in mind to be gentle with your item.
  • The well-known Monogram Canvas is dark-hued and has pores, so you even can’t notice when it gets dirty. Use the baby wipes to give your bag an excellent cleaning. Try to buy fragrance-free and alcohol-free brand, it won’t dry out the coated canvas. Monogram Canvas sometimes gets white or light-colored scuff marks, if it wasn’t properly kept. If there are any kind of spots, you can remove them using little bit of leather cleaner swabbed onto baby wipe.


  • The largest risks to printed canvas are abrasion and fading. This type of aging is usually seen in the corners, folds, and bottom of the bag. Do not put your bag on rough surfaces like carpets and rugs.

  • Pay attention on padlocks and zipper teeth, usually they are made of brass, however plated metal is used for zipper pulls and handle rings. Sometimes the Vachetta leather get darker in contact with hardware, use a special dry sponge to gently rub out the staining.