7 tips how to declutter your house!

Everyone knows that feeling when the whole house is overwhelmed with (by) various things, and it’s better to burn down all the mess and start over. You want to get rid of clutter somehow magically. Or if you are less dreamy, simply change the apartment.

Believe me, you’re not alone, if you’re feeling the same way. Nowadays, the majority of us have huge amount of stuff, we don’t use, so the cluttered houses have become “typical”.

Our homes are full of too much stuff. We have so many things that there’s no place to put them. That’s why we feel so overwhelmed. Ikept thinking that  My house is so cluttered I don’t know where to start

The only thought of decluttering your house can be frustrating. Your list to do increases every day, and then, you wake up and go to bed with the same obsessive thought “I need to clean it up”, but still do nothing. The main reason of such behavior is procrastination. Like Wikipedia says Procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished by a certain deadline. So I suppose everyone knows this feeling. So here are some tips how to fight with procrastination and finally declutter the house.


  1. Well begun is half done.

Our generation gets used to receive everything all at once. We lost a habit of working on long term aim. The problem is the technologies of 21st century not only help us to save time, but also make us lazy and inactive. So coming back to matter of house mess, we expect someone to solve our problems.

Just start! Do the first step towards you goal.

Feeling overwhelmed by clutter is not a reason to postpone decluttering your house. You can start decluttering while your home is a mess! In fact, it’s the most effective time to begin! Leave the mess alone in the meantime. Instead, open those closet doors as well as pull out what’s gathering dust. Dig out those items extremely deep under the beds that you don’t make use of and do not need to keep. The back of the cabinets and cupboards are filled with things you can and must toss. By getting rid of the mess in these places you’ll make an area for all right stuff that’s out to live. When every little thing has a place to go, it makes cleaning up that mess so much easier and quicker!

  1. How to tackle the clutter

When you’re really feeling overwhelmed by clutter and  don’t know where to start, ask yourself what the main source of this feeling is. You look around and can’t get away that clearing a cluttered house will certainly take not only all your physical time, but mental power also. But in fact it’s easier than you imagine. Each day do one thing as a separate task. Choose just one location to declutter. That’s it!
A hall wardrobe, a single drawer or a bathroom closet. You can break it down by room or by things. Developing areas or sections will certainly be less frustrating and also you’ll know exactly where to start!

  1. Dedication

You can read lots of de-cluttering secret hacks or suggestions, but if you’re not going to devote yourself to work it’s not going to help you. Sorry, but that’s just the hard truth. Decluttering tips are not panacea. You must dedicate to your goal.
For instant, if you want to start eating healthier food, it’s not enough just to think about it, you need to go to the food store and buy fruits and veggies instead of chips and ice cream. Don’t think too much! Go ahead!

You need to make a commitment to do the work.
If you really intend to declutter your house, give a word to yourself. Compare it with doctor’s consultation. You’re not going to cancel it, just because you’re tired or want to watch your favored TV program. Deal with decluttering appointments the same way.

  1. All or nothing?

One of the biggest problems to deal with the clutter is taking a look at your whole house as one big mess that you have to clean all at once.
I want you to listen to me: decluttering the house is not all or nothing!
Remember, how a baby goes through different phases of sleep and mom has to adjust to the new day schedule, it’s the same with your house. In the beginning, the beautiful newborn wakes every 2 hours and mommy takes a nap whenever she can. Eventually, the infant begins sleeping through the night and the mother suddenly sleeps 6-8 hours without interruption.

When you’re on the first stages of decluttering, it takes hours just to keep up with the housework. But when you start using all your efforts to fight with mess, every day you’re going to spend less and less hours on it.

It isn’t all or nothing! It doesn’t need an excellent work. Don’t eager to do everything perfectly. Enjoy being at home and spend time with your family or friends there. Every new day will be better than yesterday. So keep on doing your best, step by step, and you’ll get a huge result.

  1. Go For the Quick Success

Most of the time, we are overwhelmed by mess, because it’s really hard to start. The amount of work is endless. So the best way is to start in a place where the result will be seen as fast as possible. Such quick achievements will give more confidence to your work, when you want to get rid of the overwhelmed clutter and move forward. It’s like a domino effect, as you clean one area and it motivates you to clean out more and more. Remember, doing something every day – is the best way to win this fight.

  1. Take Before and After Photos

When you’re overwhelmed with too much stuff, the results will not be clear immediately. It can be extremely discouraging when you look around your house and seem nothing has changed.

Here is the hack! To see the progress of your work, take photos or videos before you start cleaning. Next time, when you think there’s no noticeable difference after hours of decluttering, check “before” photos or videos, and you see the huge results of your efforts. It will absolutely encourage and motivate you. If you’re thinking on how to motivate yourself to clean a messy house here are some tips that can help you

  1. Join an interest Group

There are lots of Instagram and Facebook groups, where you can find people with the same interests as you. The topics are so various: sport, music, healthy diet. They provide challenges almost every 3 months. What is a challenge? It’s a kind of the training program for subscribers. The aim is to do the particular tasks for a certain period of time and do online reports about your achievements. So everyone sees the results of each other and it motives you and encourages trying harder. In the end of challenge the winner of the race gets a main present. The participants develop useful skills and achieve the goal.

A wonderful advantage of such groups is that you’re not alone. You will receive guide information during the process and cheering messages from the participants of the challenge. Moreover you will be given the specific decluttering assignments according to your requests. It will help you to simplify your space and make room in your life for new ideas and new energy!

So  decluttering your home is not difficult. You can stop being overwhelmed by clutter now! Just remember it’s all right to start decluttering when your house is on mess. Concentrate on particular locations as a separate project, dedicate yourself to the work. Do not tend to perfection, do little by little every day.

Stay motivated with quick wins, don’t forget to take before and after photos. Remember you’re not alone, there are plenty of decluttering challenges.