The guide to organizing a Konmari closet ( Hanging, folding and storing  clothes  the Marie Kondo way)

By now you have your Keep-It pile of clothes. Below’s how to place your clothing back in the drawers in your  storage room! This article would be useful for people, who are thinking HOW TO CLEAN A MESSY HOUSE

Storing clothes without a dresser

Checking out Marie’s publication, she has a pretty basic mathematical formula for how your storage room should look. Marie’s technique for wardrobe organizing is to hang your belonings the way that the biggest pieces of clothing are on the left, and the smallest and most lightweight are on the right, that is how the basic folding dresser looks like.

– Long, dark, hefty products on the left.
– Brief, light things on the.
According to this, your wardrobe should look something like this:

I can assume it doesn’t.
Neither did mine.
This representation sounded easy enough, up until I got to a black lacy top, then a long, cream-colored coat. Does the black leading go on the left due to the fact that it’s dark, or the right since it’s short? Does the sweatshirt go on the right since it’s light, or the left due to the fact that it’s long ?! do you understend the struggle?

Fold clothes hack: My special way to Arrange a  Storage room

As you might have already faced this problem, your belongings  do not fit neatly into the best triangular over. You are for that reason have at least 3 options. Arrange by:
– Color, or
– Length and thickness, or
– Some sort of mix of both.

I tried sorting purely by shade yet found it as well complicated. When dressing myself I consider warmth being more important than shade.
Think about the weight of each item of clothes as you go. If you choose this method, it makes your wardrobe extra useful. If you find the fact of the clothing warmth as the primary criteria, you’ll normally split your closet right into things you’re extra likely to put on in the winter season versus the summer season.
I arrange my clothing mainly by color, however a specific gravity to the product. If something feels overwhelmingly heavy (or long) I locate an area for it further to the left. Likewise, for my very light-weight things, I maintain them on the right. Other things are roughly sorted by shade, however with things of similar shade hung according to length as well as weight.

Below are my closet and its basic structure:
1. All black items are on the left, sorted from the longest ones to the shortest pieces, and also heaviest material to lightest material. The only exceptions are any lightweight black tank tops, which I keep with the remainder of the tank tops.
2. The following is a long, light and also dark coat, which is right here due to the fact that it’s very long.
3. Blue clothing: arranged rather from navy to light blue, however heavier material comes first.
4. All staying lighter tinted and lighter material stuff, sorted by shade.

As you can see, my existing wardrobe is rather reduced in two with the way the doors are. The component on the left is my primary wardrobe.
– Gowns, which I put on the least.
– Bras! This is not an accepted Marie Kondo technique, yet I like hanging them up rather than having them in drawers.
You’ll have to try out what helps you.

How To use Marie Kondo Method to organize Konmari closet or how to fold clothes to save space?

I think Marie’s folding clothes hacks is difficult to understand, and it seems really time-consuming as well as being frustrating according to many reviews.
Her approach for clothes folding is done by making use of a big surface, like the top of your washing machine or bed. When you fold up things the way Konmari advises, you wind up with a nicely tucked-in, rectangular shape burrito.
Her approach for folding clothing is based on the principle of conserving room. Which it does. I definitely utilize it as well as I motivate everyone to use it. I have actually tweaked the folding procedure a little since I don’t such as having to find a big room to fold. I intend to get it done immediately, as well as I want to do it anywhere I am.
It doesn’t matter whether I’m sitting or holding a piece of clothes on my lap
Enjoy this video to see just how I do it. This is the very first video I have actually ever before done, so I apologies if it looks amateur!

Fold points up until they’re Good-Enough, instead than ideal. Also I use Closet organizing app And it’s a real time saver

Marie Kondo folding  pants

The remainder of my clothes lives in the cabinet or the little shelf.
My pants initially lived inside in my cabinets, however, I chose I desired them out. I practically use denim every day. I always pick out a pair first, the choice depends on my total look. I believed they supposed to have a special showcase.
I have certainly thought of doing this for many years, of having my pants out on screen much like at the stores, and I do not understand why, but  I believed that just wasn’t “proper.” Now I regret I didn’t do it sooner. Although if you google “Marie kondo how to fold pants” you’ll see totally different recommendations.  I’d definitely recommend to always trust your gut!
By doing this, I can see them way better, and also there’s more room inside my dresser for other things like tops and coats. Once again, for me, it’s about making things functional as well as favorable and fit my personal preference

Marie Kondo folding tank tops

Tops – tank tops, T-shirts, and also turtle necks live below. I arrange by color, and I separate tanks and tees that have are of similar style.
below you can see how to fold tank tops.

Skirts + sweaters – Sweatshirts left-wing, skirts in a container on the right.

Marie Kondo folding sweaters  + Skirts.

Sweatshirts on the left, skirts in a container on the other side.
Have you ever seen Matreshka ( Russian Nesting Doll).
You recognize your luggage, which is bigger than your fitness center bag, which is larger than your laptop bag, which is larger than your makeup bag? You only need to make room for that one huge bag if you put all the smaller bags inside another one.
Why didn’t I think about this?! Save on your own some room, and pack smaller things inside the larger things (provided they coincide kind of product, like bags).

Trim The Tags, Scrub The Stickers.

It’s never too early to utilize this as you experience your points. Not just clothing, yet everything. And that is to get rid of the price as well as sticker labels.
Up until you get rid of those, that thing isn’t rather yours. Everything else that’s going to stay in your residence needs an extensive scrubbing of all tags and stickers.

The “Made in …” stickers. The “Made by …” sticker labels.

Get hold of some soap and also a sponge. Scrub up until that sticky residue is gone.
I hope your storage room is going along. It can take some experimentation to determine a system that really feels excellent to you. But once you’ll find it it will change your life, Really, a good, organized house brings peace to your mind. Even when it hurts simply keep going!