Our Favorite Cleaning and organizing blogs on youtube channel.


Keeping your house tidy and decluttered is a real challenge – especially with the busy lifestyle that the majority of us embrace. Therefore, the best way to stay motivated is to get inspiration from the YouTube house cleaning tips blogs. There are lots of amazing ideas, methods and also hacks that urge you to make your home a better place. Take the benefit from the ideas shared openly and are often free. Most of these bloggers have invested so much time blogging about their incredible cleaning hacks. Their experience can save our time and make a difference in our lives. Find what appeals to you the most, learn as much as possible about cleaning and organizing tips – but don’t forget to apply them

A Bowl Full of Lemons

Overview: This incredible YouTube channel has plenty of videos about planning, serious homebuilding and home organizing. Most women want their home to look perfectly organized and cozy.

Why choose ? :  If you are on a tight budget or if perfect organization of the house is your target or if you are interested in organizing your home office – this channel is the right choice.

Clean With Scandish Home

Overview: Naomi is a stay-at –home mum with two lovely teenagers. It seems that a simple lifestyle and cleaning the house she has turned into real art. This channel is an endless source of house cleaning tips. I wish she was my neighbor.

Why to choose? : If you enjoy channels where the entire cleaning process is shown interested in making your own detergents that are friendly to those who suffer allergies, love some doing some small home projects- and if you find that a simple living lifestyle is your choice – get acquainted with this incredible family.


Shannon Torrens

Overview: This charming mum of two adorable boys shares her experience of transforming her home into a clutter free place. The videos of her simple and cozy home definitely urges us all to start decluttering.

Why to choose ?: For those who are at the beginning of the path towards minimalism and who want to see how changes influence the  life of the family. This blog is for those who have some doubts that it is possible to achieve with small children.

Pick Up Limes

Overview: This channel has special magnetism – its impossible not to fall in love with the charming smile of this woman. The founder of this amazing blog got into minimalism after backpacking. She is also a nutritionist and therefore has something to tell about healthy lifestyles.

Why to choose ? : This one is the best choice for those who want to relax, to gently get into simpler living and are interested in changing eating habits.

Young House Love

Overview: Sherry and her husband Jon started this unbelievable channel where they share their home renovation experiences. Its exciting to see their house projects.

Why to choose ? : This channel is a real help in creating a home with a soul.

Sugar Mum

Overview: The channel is primarily about gaining financial independence and saving money –  but also teaches a lot about being “Closet Organization”  and minimalism. This charming sugar mum is a real help to women in many different important aspects of their lives. The videos are bite-sized and easy to understand.

Why to choose ? : Because it helps to achieve financial goals and to understand how to introduce minimalism to your life.

Kelly Marie

Overview: The channel is all about cleaning motivation.

Why to choose ? : Because this channel provides nice company while cleaning and also provides relaxing music in the background.


Apartment Therapy

Overview: This channel  gives an opportunity to see some incredible homes and also teaches how to take care of plants and provides you with hacks that will keep your hands busy.

Why to choose ? : This channel is for those who want to live more beautiful and happier lives at home.



This Crazy Life

Overview: Amanda is a stay at home mum to three little boys and shares videos about cleaning, cooking and organization.

Why to choose ? : It’s a great channel for those who want to make the house more organized – but are not into extreme minimalism.


The Fairly Local Family

Overview:  This channel shows a “zero waste vegan family”. There are lots of ideas about making cleaning products that are safe for the family and environment. It has some great recipes and introduces the idea of simple living to children. It’s unbelievable to see how little they need to be happy. This Channel inspires to start growing your own vegetables.

 Why to choose ? : Their simple living lifestyle might be too extreme for most people but definitely worth attention.