Have An Untidy Room? But do you know the benefits of a clean room?


So you have an untidy room, right?
Lot’s of individuals do. Teenagers bedrooms are usually the messiest. A ‘floorrobe’ as it’s known – where all your clothes are spread around the floor in no particular order.  Nobody even knows if they are clean.  You may also ask “Why should I clean my room if I know where all my things are –  so it doesn’t matter how messy it looks to others”. You may also say “A messy room is a sign of a creative person”. I suppose the last one is probably one of the biggest illusions. A neat room won’t kill your creativity but will distract your mind.
Well, just give it a thought – if you can’t even organize, and also clean your area, just how are you likely to organize your ideas, life, goals and so on. Once I came across a nice quote “What can you achieve in your life if you can’t even make your bed properly?”  It might feel like there is no link but, actually, there is. Having a mindset of being organized and tidy is a habit that you can develop in your character and if you stick to it – it will definitely help you throughout all your life. It will help you to be more focused on things that are really important for you: studies, job, hobby or whatever.  There are obvious benefits of a clean room – no distraction for your eyes and mind.  You may have somewhere met the quote’ Tidy room-tidy mind’. This proves my words. Nevertheless, if your mind is so solid, arranged and efficient, why would you allow your place get so untidy? Still have doubts?  Make an experiment to live in a clean room for a month and just observe the changes in your mood, efficiency and even in your physical condition.

This experiment is not so difficult to carry out. All you need is a diary where you can write all the changes you feel about yourself and your life and also make some time to make a bedroom clean up. Your place should give you energy, motivate you but not devastate. Bedroom clean up is not so hard.  Ready to start?

How to organize a messy room?

– Grab your wastebasket and go through all your rooms. Find all wrappers, empty bags and boxes, plastic bottles and silly dusty soft toys and statues. Don’t forget to have a look under your bed – it’s bad feng-shui to sleep on top rubbish. By the way, why do you still use plastic bottles when you can buy one stylish and environmentally friendly steel bottle that your children can inherit.

– Are there any things that you haven’t used for a year or more? No? Have a more precise look one more time. I know, it’s easier to keep such things somewhere on top of the shelves that are hard to reach or in boxes covered with a thick layer of dust. Throw away, donate, sell –you’re your choice. Not going to read this book at least three more times in your life? Well, you know what to do!

– Go through all your clothes. This process might be time-consuming but for the purity of the experiment – don’t stop. A lonely sock, a sweater with a hole, clothes that are not your size, or things that aren’t comfortable – Throw away, donate, sell. Give thought to the idea of making a capsule wardrobe. Well, you can do it later in another experiment. All your clothes should be in the wardrobe not on or under your chair or bed or on the floor or chandelier. This should be done without exception – even with your socks. Put all your shoes in a perfect line, check with a ruler. Just kidding!!  But don’t forget that behind every joke there’s a sliver of truth.

– Do you feel relieved? Too early! Check your table. Does it look like a garbage dump or a place where you can effectively work and study? Ok, one computer, one pen and pencil, one notebook is allowed to be there. All other things should be organized in organizing containers and placed on shelves. If you won’t open these boxes in three months – Throw away!!!

– Finally it’s time to clean up the surface areas!  Hoover/vacuum the floor removing dust and hairs. Also the windows, as well as the curtains, should be washed – (if you have curtains of course).

– Did I say “Finally”? I was kidding! We are just getting to the hardest part – clean your phone and computer. Do you know that the University of London (study found out that approximately 80 percent of phones tested had harmful bacteria and viruses? Immediately do something with it because you are under the threat! Clean not just the surface of your computer and phone but also delete photos you don’t like but also files and programs you don’t need. Is it hard? I know.

Tidy Room

My congratulations. You have done it and now you’re my hero! It takes a month to form a habit- so no excuses for dirty socks on the floor during this period. I’m sure you’ll enjoy these changes in your life. A clean room will never compete for attention with important things. You can from now on be more focused on any tasks you set for yourself.  Time to reward yourself with something pleasant. No more mess in your bedroom and head.