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Konmari closet

The guide to organizing a Konmari closet ( Hanging, folding and storing  clothes  the Marie Kondo way) By now you have your Keep-It pile of clothes. Below’s how to place your clothing back in the drawers in your  storage room! This article would be useful for people, who are thinking HOW TO CLEAN A MESSY HOUSE …

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The Very Best 6 Closet organizing app

The Very Best 6 Closet organizing app I was blown away when I discovered out there are closet organizing app that allow you organize your closet as well as strategy clothing! It’s like Pinterest yet personalized to your wardrobe. Just like setting up those very carefully curated Pinterest boards, setting up your digital storage room …

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How to clean a messy house Someone definitely won’t give a clue about the title of this blog post. When cleaning up a messy house, they do not understand what it’s like to ask yourself how to clean a messy house…   They’ve never been disabled by mess. Overloaded is not really what we’re talking here …